FIBC/Bulk Bags


Bulk bags are an easy way to move your fertiliser, stock feed, seed, bark mulch, builders mix, gravel or rendered products. The team at Snell can design your bulk bags to suit your specific product needs, dimensions and safe working load (SWL) weight requirements


Anything from 250kg to 2,000kg of product can be carried in Snell bulk bags.

Customised Construction

Made from UV stabilised woven polypropylene, our bulk bags offer a range of features including: four cross corner lifting loops, LDPE liners fitted and tabbed for a more waterproof finish, duffel top, open top or top fill spout, flat bottom or bottom discharge spout. Laminated for additional water resistance or unlaminated. Printed up to three colours using flexographic printing

Fit for Purpose

FIBC bags can be weight rated to suit your product-specific safe working load requirements. Internal baffles will prevent bulging for easier container loading and storage in confined spaces. Document pockets can be added for product identification and/or legislative requirements and safe handling labels to ensure correct use of the bag.

Smart Packaging Solutions

Big can be beautiful with FIBC bags. These super sacks are designed to be tough, practical and fit for purpose. Carefully designed construction delivers the best format for easy lifting and transport with practical and effective finishes. FIBC bags are designed to suit your specific dimensions and safe working load (SWL) requirements. These tough polywoven bags can hold, transport and store 250kg to 2000kg of product in perfect condition.

Packaging Film Finishes

Plain, printed up to three colours using flexographic printing, laminated and unlaminated

Want to know more of the specifics?

Download the full spec sheet for this product here

FIBC Bulk Bags Spec Sheet