Woolcool Packaging; A Polystyrene Alternative

To try and make a positive environmental difference without negatively effecting everyday operations is a difficult task. Many businesses need to transport items that require a specific temperature and environment for them to stay safe for use. Outside of polystyrene, the common thought is that there are only a few alternative options that can do this job well.

However, if you continue to use polystyrene, a product with an extremely poor environmental record, you will be putting your business at risk in more than one way. Polystyrene is a product that will take 500 years or more to break down or degrade and is not suitable for recycling, destining it for landfill. When these products do break down, they commonly break into smaller pieces, which can work their way into our food chain. Other polystyrene issues are the excessive space that it takes up in a warehouse, the potential fire risk it can create and the potential negative impact on your business’ reputation.

Recently a large food producer was looking to reduce the number of polystyrene bins they were using. These bins were used as they could keep products chilled and at a constant temperature throughout the whole transit process. As a result, they were sending 300m³ of polystyrene a year to landfill. By moving to Woolcool, a compostable, degradable and recyclable solution they were able to maintain their product and customer’s safety while reducing their waste production by 211m³ in only 6 months.

Having packaging that can protect your product and maintain a specific climate is a tough enough ask. Ensuring that packaging is also environmentally friendly would provide a solution that can help positively affect a business’ environmental impact without disrupting everyday operations.

At Snell we have exclusive access to Woolcool, a natural product providing robust packaging and environmentally friendly features using sheep’s waste wool. These boxes can be created fit for purpose to your business’ needs. For more information around Woolcool and its benefits contact your Snell representative.