Tamper Proofing Your Products

Developments in technology have allowed for the foodservice and food manufacturing industries to change at a rapid rate. People are demanding more as they want their food delivered quickly, safely, by environmentally friendly means and to be professionally branded.

Customers expectations are that their products are delivered safely and on time, but product tampering is more prevalent than most people are aware of. It may seem like a distant problem, but this attitude could be endangering your customers health and in serious cases be fatal for consumers.

Product tampering can range from bacteria or chemicals to large foreign objects such as needles, blades or tacks being inserted into goods. If your business has to carry out a product recall it will be financially costly but also potentially damaging to your brands reputation.

Recently in Australia Strawberries were being contaminated through someone inserting needles into the fruit. Fortunately, only one person was hospitalized as they experienced abdominal pains from a potential ingestion of a needle. This incident caused copycat criminals to mimic this tampering in different fruits around Australia and New Zealand. This has brought the spotlight onto product security and the faith that we put into food manufacturers ensuring that their products are safe for consumption.

With home delivery food services popularity steadily rising, there is an increasing amount of trust being put into these third-party companies delivering our food untampered. By using tamper proof packaging, you can help to ensure your customers rest assured their food’s safety while they can easily identify any potential tampering.

Furthermore, you can help prevent protect your brands reputation and most importantly the safety of your customers. Tamper proof containers are hard to get open and robust to ensure that nothing can get in and that your product stays safe inside. If a seal is broken, then it is clear to see that the product has been compromised and prevents any risks to the user’s health.

At Snell we have experience in dealing with tamper proof packaging in a variety of formats. We have a range of fresh salad container and hot and cold food containers which are all from manufacturers compliant to ISO 22000. For more information around tamper proof packaging options please contact your Snell representative.

Types of tamper proof packaging:

Different types of packaging are suitable for different tasks. This is dependent on what items are being protected.

  • Tamper proof containers:

    Tamper proof containers have a locking function that is clearly broken when the item is opened and cannot be resealed.

  • Tamper proof labels:

    When removed the tape leaves a “void” message. “Void” remains visible even after the label is reapplied.

  • Tamper proof tapes:

    When removed the tape leaves an “Opened” message. “Opened” remains visible even after the tape is reapplied.