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Strap Machine Auto Stainless - RQ-7000M - 700x650mm

  • The RQ7000M is the ideal machine for moisture-laden environments like meat, poultry, and seafood processing. It boasts the advanced high-speed sealing head and most of the advanced features of Strapack Automatic models such as self-loading, refeed, and loop ejection.
  • The RQ7000M is capable of up to 50 straps per minute (1.2 seconds per strap).
  • Permanently lubricated mechanisms, side-seal design and body parts made of stainless steel and other waterproof parts make the RQ7000M the ideal machine for moist environments. The bottom of the cabinet is reinforced to provide extra protection where moisture exposure is greatest. The cabinet is fully enclosed to protect the components from saltwater runoff, oil, and dust.
  • The roller table height is adjustable to three positions; 624mm, 642mm (standard), and 664mm, and it can be removed to fit the RQ7000M into the existing conveyor system.
  • The double-strapping head configuration allows packages to be simultaneously strapped. The minimum distance between the two straps is 380mm.
Strapack 921021
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