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Burnaid Burn Dressing - 100X100

  • The Burnaid range of impregnated dressings are the most advanced treatments available on the market for burn victims
  • Available in a range of convenient sizes, these instant treatments are first response products for mild to serious burns
  • As used in clinical trials by the Royal Adelaide Hospital (details available on request), these products provide a sterile barrier against infection
  • The burnaid hydrogel dressing neatly fits over leg and arm burns
  • These gel dressings come in a variety of sizes, and are recommended to be available for all workplaces in at-risk areas
  • Burnaid non-toxic gel suspensions are the ideal first response product for home, workplaces and medical centres
  • We have many satisfied clients who have used Burnaid in NZ and have valued its effectiveness
  • Cools, soothes and relieves pain
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