Listen Up!

Hearing protective equipment is widely used in a variety of industries and business’ all-over New Zealand. Looking after your hearing is incredibly important especially when you are unable to eliminate or reduce the source of the noise. Without these products workers would have their well being put in jeopardy every day.

However, your equipment may not be doing the job you expect it to be. If you haven’t had safety specialist involved in your purchasing process you could be using under spec’d products, incorrectly donning or maintaining the equipment and overall potentially putting your staff member’s health and safety at risk.

Hearing loss has a larger effect on New Zealand than most are aware of:
  • Hearing Loss

    In 2016 there were an estimated 880,350 people in New Zealand with hearing loss.

  • Financial Impact

    Estimated cost of $957.3 million to New Zealand economy in 2016.

  • Business Impact

    58% of these costs are associated to productivity loss.

Using the incorrect equipment for your working environment could be putting your staff’s health at risk. Over spec’d product could mean that workers are unaware of dangerous machinery or situations around them. While an under spec’d item won’t be shielding your ears from harmful levels of noise.

Sometimes noise can’t be removed from the workplace and so staff must work with the risk still around them. In these cases, you are obligated to decide on what the most appropriate safety equipment should be used.

Deciding on what safety equipment your business needs can be a scary and difficult task. Having access to safety specialists who can provide valuable insights around products and their application is invaluable. This can help you make the best-informed decision to ensure your workers safety.

The Paramount safety hearing protection range of products coupled with assistance from safety specialists can help you through the selection process of equipment, proper ongoing maintenance and the correct fitting and donning of equipment. For more information around sorting your safety requirement contact your Snell representative.

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Viper Class 5 26db Earmuff 25/Ctn

Code: 103861 Brand: Pro Choice
38.49 Not available
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Python Slimline Class 5 31db Earmuff 25/Ctn

Code: 103950 Brand: Pro Choice
46.40 Not available
Excl GST