About Us
Company Values
Founded in 1965, SNELL Packaging & Safety has been family owned since 1991, when Pat Galloway took over management of the company. Since then Pat has handpicked and cultivated a loyal team and grown the company to what it is today.

Marking the success of a people-based approach to business, SNELL's turnover has increased significantly and that trend is continuing. SNELL boasts strong staff satisfaction, retention and performance - which are consistently measured and rewarded. Staff loyalty is considered invaluable at SNELL, as is investment in staff training and education.

As a result, SNELL remains at the forefront of an ever-changing market place and customers profit at every stage of their business relationship with SNELL, whose team is unified, loyal, friendly and sensitive to individual customer needs.

Proud to remain New Zealand-owned, SNELL is committed to supporting local business while ensuring that it remains globally competitive. With around 20% overseas imports, home grown, hand-picked staff and no off-shore dividends, SNELL continues to have a vested interest in the local packaging and safety industry while also keeping up with international industry trends and concerns.

Imports complement local products to ensure that SNELL customers have access to the best range of products at the right price. We have a dedicated Snell procurement team in China working with local suppliers to secure the best products for the New Zealand market.

SNELL customers benefit from the company's balance between being big enough to work with large corporate suppliers, while being focused enough to remain personalized and committed to streamlining the day-to-day operations of our customers.

SNELL offers industry specific expertise, implementation solutions and custom products designed to complement our stock products. SNELL's commitment to customers' unique and ever-changing needs is reflected by the fact that 25% of SNELL's products are customised.
"Buying right" is a major part of our philosophy. SNELL's full-time buyers ensure that prices are competitive and the latest ranges are always available. Whatever the product SNELL’s products are fully supported by excellent service and implementation plans.

We are always looking for products and solutions that overcome customer issues. By listening to customers, attending international trade fairs, trawling the net, and helping customers become aware of common problems we are committed bringing our customers the best.

SNELL's distribution network is organised by a professional logistician. This means customers get cost effective solutions and seamless factory-to-warehouse distribution.
With four hubs, SNELL's distribution teams take full responsibility for the reception and delivery of all orders, employing a team of truck drivers that contract to the company exclusively. From one end of the country to the other we judge our success on the service we can bring you.

We believe in smart business. Since the launch of online ordering we have constantly improved our systems. This has led many customers to describe our website as the best business to business sales platform they use. And it's easy to see why: interacting online, customers have access to live information about stock, pricing, orders and deliveries as well as the company's strategic forecasting. Order histories are also saved, allowing customers to use past order quantities to predict upcoming orders.

We value long term customer relationships and view ourselves as business partners not suppliers. We want to show you how our products can save you money by making sure goods are delivered safely and without damage. Real relationships are about commitment and SNELL will work hard to ensure that you and your business become as committed to us as we are to you.