About Us
Global Connections
We operate in the global market place, delivering the best of both worlds

At Snell we recognize the importance of our suppliers and the need to build good relationships while keeping well informed on global trends and international changes, seeking out new items and agencies, so we can deliver a point of difference to you, our customer.

We are constantly reviewing our supplier relationships on both a national and international basis. We operate in a Global market place, as do many of our customers and it is essential that we remain at the cutting edge of product innovation and price competitiveness. We believe there needs to be a balanced portfolio of locally produced and off shore product so that we can deliver the best of both to you.

Snell aims to leverage these supplier relationships to ensure that finding that special requirement you may have or solution you may need is something that is happening constantly. We all need a competitive edge don't we?

The Snell range of branded products continues to grow using both local and imported products. We are very careful to protect the strong reputation our name has in the market place, so every product or range that carries the Snell brand must measure up to high standards of quality.

We are committed to being market leaders with an innovative product range backed up with trained personnel delivering the complete service package.

We welcome new products, technology and innovations and continue to broaden product directions in our current ten categories.

Accurately listening to customers, attending international trade fairs and approaching international suppliers, we are committed to keeping the latest trends in front of our customers.

We are proud to represent over 140 reputable suppliers based in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and Europe.