About Us
Environmental Policy
Snell is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our planet's natural resources. Being a good cooperate citizen is important to us and this is reflected in our environmental efforts.

Snell was one of the first packaging distributors in New Zealand to gain ISO 14001:2004 environmental management accreditation. This ensures that our commitment to the environment is constantly being monitored. There are many things we do to ensure we are environmentally conscious, below is a list of just some of the things we do to make sure we are being environmentally responsible.

  • Committing managerial resources to implement the Environmental Policy by introducing an effective management control system
  • Seeking to reuse, recycle and recover raw materials and waste wherever possible
  • Seeking to conserve scarce and non-renewable resources, such as energy, in all operations
  • Aiming to maintain the highest degree of control over emissions and discharges of materials to the environment and thus continually  improve our performance where economically viable
  •  Continually being attentive to the needs of local residents and local ecology, so far as operations are concerned
  • Work with and assist suppliers and contractors to achieve environmental standards which comply with the company's policy
  • Setting and reviewing policy and objectives annually
  • Monitoring and reporting progress against agreed objectives, ensuring all reports are available on request
  • Conducting of audits of procedures and practice and responding to deficiencies through a planned programme of remedial action
  • Committing to continual improvement of all environmental issues where economically feasible
  • Ensuring that all staff carry out their duties in line with the above statement and are aware of their obligations